February 27, 2014

#152: My 21st birthday!

 Finally found some time to blog

Having my recess week right now but to be honest
this one week break is equivalent to NO BREAK
Have been busy since last weekend, 
working on assignments, projects etc
& I've got to spend the next few days studying for mid-terms..
I am pretty screwed for stats... i just wish i was more mathematically inclined :(
but it's alright i guess i will just make the best out of my remaining time left.
Anw I'm quite proud of myself i think i haven't been this efficient in a long time
hahaha completing my work like more than a day before the original deadline or smth
I'm usually I'm like panting and gg crazy and i will ALWAYS submit my work like 10min before 
hahahaha must be the good influence of my smu light nashiepie hehehe but anw ya
i honestly have been working hard lol 
so hard that i actually fell sick 
hahaha just kidding not that extreme, i mean i wouldn't assume that that was the cause of it
i think its just the super bad weather, everyone's falling ill!
Like in the day i feel like i can melt anytime the heat is... unbearable.
and suddenly at night it gets so chilly, what is gg on???
I really liked the weather during cny it was so breezyyyy ~~
Alright anyway, for those of you studying for midterms and all,
all the best ok, hang in there!!!!!!! *\0/*

and yes here comes the highlight of my blog post
I actually had a one day late celebration 
because i didn't wanna throw a party on the actual day
i mean it's valentines day... and like i didn't wanna ruin any plans!
So hehehe i hope you lovebirds had a great valentines!
My birthday this year was really nice!!!

Like on thursday, my group mates actually bought me a mini cake from cheers across the road 
and like barged into the class while prof was talking
and sang me a bday song HAHAHA i was so shy.... HAHAHAH ok act only
but omg so sweet guys!!!! I was so happy like although i only knew them this sem,
i really am thankful to have them as my group mates :')
so much love!!! *cries*
Also not forgetting 
my Y.T westie kiddo marcus actually waited for me to reach sch to pass me a flower!!
my freshies awww :')))
the rest of the day was spent getting stuff for my birthday, running to and fro 
going to places everywhere, etc
but thank you so much for sending me bb 
with no complaints at all!
oh yes also did my nails at bugis!! Removed my original gelish 
and got like the gradient again just that its gold glitter this time
sat there for like almost 3 hours lol srsly 
i really liked how it turned out! 
but it doesn't really last though.
The prev one i did at FEP lasted me 2mths (or more)
this ones like slightly more than a week
and its coming off
not forgetting the lady broke my nail while removing my prev nail polish :(
not v cool... yeah i could say the colors turned out pretty but its a pity it doesn't really last
i think ill go back to FEP to get my nails done from now onwards :s sigh oh well!

ok anyway the prep for my birthday was rather tedious...
like it didn't seem like it but
i didn't think preparing for a 21st would be that tiring.....
or maybe i just don't really know how to go about doing it
as u know... I'm a pretty slow person.........
k but anyway i always put in like 110% effort for my birthday
although I'm supposed to be a princess and just sit on the couch
and shake my legs and get ppl to do my stuff for me while i 'supervise' and stuff..
hahahaha just kidding lol 
but anw, i think the most tedious part was like 
the twirling of the flowers onto this string thing i got ..
Bought these flowers from Daiso, its one of the cheapest ones i could find
like i didn't wanna go to spotlight to get the flowers.. probably super overpriced.. so NO
plus i was trying to be cost efficient lol not sure if i succeeded... 
cuz i actually spent like 15 bucks on string...... lol from spotlight... in the end.......... urm
ok moving on
so yeah, like had to detach the flowers from the stalks 
pretty easy, but the twirling of the wires... oh mai gawd
okay probably cuz i was retarded enough to buy a wire w a thickness of 0.28 ..
strangle me
it was damn flimsy but the fact that we succeeded in the end shows a lot?
HAHAHAHHAH k but i really need to thank ash for helping out 
I honestly wouldn't have been able to finish my deco without him
(like it came to a pt where i just twirled... and twirled... and somehow ended up face flat on my bed..
and asked him to continue for me - it was that frustrating)
i just ended up like....... 
thank you for your patience :') <3
hahahaha yeah more prep until 12am which was officially VALENTINES DAY!!!
my birthday hehehe and then ash and my sis came in with a rainbow cupcake she just baked
like yeah JUST -fresh from the oven
cuz she was baking for her friends for vday awww so sweet right
i must say.. i have been a good example.... hahahahahhaha whut 
ok it was cute that they just stuck a candle in the cupcake and walked into the room
and my sis mum and ash sang me the bday song and yeah super happy hehe
(I look like i just got out of bed here i know)

 Officially 21!!!!
Received tons of birthday wishes too, thank you all <3
like i really appreciate them :)

Spent the first half of my birthday again- preparing for my party
drove down to pasir ris to take a look and set up the place, etc
it was such a beautiful chalet!!!!
I was honestly like WOW
It's much much bigger and better than NSRCC :) yay!!!
Anw after everything, Ash and I went for our vday/bday dinner :)
 Me being excited as usual ^

Thank you for planning everything so nicely for me!
Had dinner at District 10 (no nothing to do w hunger games hahahahha)
 it is located at robertson walk, near UE square
the ambience was great, i really liked it :)
And the food was good! I would have taken a pic of it but 
i gobbled it up before i rmbed to take one so... oops.
Here are some pics of the food i actually remembered to take:
And some pics of us hehehe
 Halfway into dinner, the restaurant had like a vday game thing gg on
i think it was in collaboration with Bobbi Brown!
They gave out a lipstick to every female of the couple who bought the vday dinner deal
but yeah anyway, so they were like asking for volunteers
and ash was like SUPER DUPER spontaneous and he kept gg like 'go la go la'
and i was just 'no................ its ok..' hahaha but anw 
we ended up being called up because i happened to look back and eye contacted the lady..
so tadah hahaha but since it was my bday why not
PLUS ash was so spontaneous?? hahaha aw
k, so basically the game's like this
- the girl of every couple will have to apply red lipstick on her lips
- within 30sec try to give the guy as many kisses as possible from the neck to the face
- and the winner gets their dinner free hahaha
and guess what...
HAHHAHHHAHAH it was so funny 
i had lipstick all over my face as well.... i am so glamorous 
hahahah and everyone was just like.. WOW omg
hahahahahahahaah just look at him.....
do you feel sorry for him now.. :(
hahaha he had to like go to the toilet to wash his face and all 
for quite awhile..
HAHHAHA ok but it was really memorable i didn't regret playing the game :)
Thank you for the wonderful dinner bb,
i really enjoyed myself :')
 Also, thank you for the lovely presents.
I know you put in a lot of effort into planning this dinner as well as getting the presents
esp the elephant charm for my pandora bracelet which held so much meaning to it :)
thank you so much, i really appreciate it
they are so precious to me x

Got home after dinner and baked cupcakes for my party the next day!
Yeah, super busy i know
well, Ash actually came down and tried helping me w my cupcakes
HAHHAHA ok good attempt...
but i think... id rather do it myself.. haha just kidding :)
yeah alright so heres the end product!!!
Pastel cupcakes hehe ^

The birthday party!
Still rushing to get stuff on the last day,
managed to get my piñata HAHAHAH
how old alr...
but i was dying to have one
and although I'm an adult now...
I'm still young at heart. I'm 2 at heart
hahaha ok but my piñata is freaking cute 
look at it
but it had a tragic ending i must say... 
you'll see!!! 

anyway, mama yong singlehandedly whipped up tons of yummy dishes for 100 ppl!
i have the best mother on earth oh god.... so thankful :')
Like she ended up having aches on her neck and arms even
poor mama yong :( i love my mum :(((
really blessed to have such awesome parents 
thank you for treating me like a princess for the past 21 yrs :')
Also, thank you so much to my relatives 
for coming down earlier to help out w the food prep!
Oh btw i made the potato salad guys hahahahahhaha *claim credit*
And not forgetting, thank you to ash and my sis for helping me w the deco, 
like blowing the balloons and all
and making sure that everything was set in place
really don't know what id do without you all <3

Last but not least, thank you wanzheng for the lovely cake!!!
It was gorgeous, just what i wanted :)
I was so happy to see it, thank you for the effort you put into baking it!
Guys do check out wanzheng's fb page @ https://www.facebook.com/betterbakes.eat
she puts in a lot of effort in baking her cakes and you'll definitely not regret it :)
Did i mention, its good to eat as well? :) 

Thanks for the awesome pics :)))
Awww heheh
hahahahah super cute!
The girl who baked my gorgeous birthday cake!!!
and then it was time for piñata!!!
I honestly had no intention for this to happen....
hahahahahahah r.i.p.
ok so when the candies gushed out guess what happened
Hansel and gretel found their way to the candy house!!!
With a little sister...
hahahahah ok as u can see, it was their heaven woo
Me being me ... ^
as u can see, i try my best to entertain the kids.. hahahahahaha
Then there comes the best / most awkward part
The Birthday Song
hahahhahha all eyes on me~~~
once again, i try not to be shy..
Some camwhorin' w my gorgeous babies x
Shots from shenny's cam!! ^

okay, think i posted almost an entire album lol hahahaha
Alright, really happy that most of you came down!!!
I know it was pretty damn far like at pasir ris 
but thank you so so so much for making the trip down
like your presence meant a lot to me!
I'm really glad you guys enjoyed the food too!
And big thank you for your understanding towards me
so sorry i could not entertain y'all much because i was running around most of the time
so much love for y'all <3 <3 <3

This birthday was perfect :) well to me at least.
like each and everyone of you are a significant part of my life
be it sec sch, jc, uni, work, parties, etc
you guys made everything so much better 
& i know for sure, my life wouldn't be the same without you all
Last but not least my family members <3
the ones who have watched me grow, 
and have been there for me throughout my 21yrs of existence
Thank you, I really appreciate it :')
once again, thank you for all your cards, gifts, love 
and for being a part of my 21st birthday :')
Loads of love xx

Hope you enjoyed reading my post!
Goodnight :)


  1. Hi! May I know the name of this chalet? Thanks :)

    1. Pasir ris bungalow, its under OCBC because my mother works there :)

  2. Nice dress!! May i know wheres that from?

  3. Hi, apologies for the major lag in response! I got this dress from ASOS :)

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  5. Hello i chanced upon your blog. where did you get your pinata from?